Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 15

Str: 14
Vit: 12
Int: 14
Dex: 11

Special abilities: Never really experienced before: zyberion gets three seconds to name something he's never done before in real life that has plausibility. Then, all players must say whether they also have done the aforementioned thing. For every player who hasn't done the thing, zyberion gains +1 to Str for 5 turns. For every player who has done the thing, zyberion gains +1 to Int for 5 turns. Use this only 3 times per game and with a different thing zyberion hasn't done before each time.

...we waited for a year: If no player has died after 20 turns of the game, you may restore 5 Hp to 2 target players and reduce 5 Hp from 2 target players. Once a player has died, this ability is unusable.

...I think we can wait a few more days: If an ally dies within the first 20 turns of the game, you may use this. All current living allies are restored by 2 Hp and all enemies lose 2 Str for 5 turns. Use this no more than 3 times per game.

Passive Abilities: Honestly: zyberion may say "honestly?" whenever any enemy player makes a seemingly false statement. You may use the fabled goog magicks to prove this fact. If zyberion is proved right, that enemy must give 2 Hp to zyberion.

Otherwise obscure game: For every new player zyberion brings to this game, or is involved in bringing to the game, he gains +2 to all stats at the beginning of the game. If the person has played this game before, those stat benefits may not be acquired.

Rattlescale Zyberionfist cried and pleaded with the large mysterious figure to leave him be, as he had heard the grim rumors about the re-emergence of the valvians. They were race of normal people, who through their leader Gaben used dark steam power to create an addictive spell that forces you to want more spells created by dark steam powers. Suddenly, the old man cornered Rattlescale Zyberionfist, and while giggling madly he said, "Wanna hear the daily deal, kid?" Some speculate zyberionfist was driven mad, others believe he went on to make dark steam magics deep within the Washingtonian Ebony Mountains.