Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - Human / Walrus
Hp: 20
Str: 15
Vit: 14
Int: 12
Dex: 7

Special abilities: 1-3500: Walrus_arkark writes down a number between 1 and 3500. He then asks all enemy players to guess his number. No player may guess the same number so that team must share or discuss what numbers they're guessing. If no player guesses within 250 numbers of Walrus_arkark's number, Walrus_arkark restores +8 Hp and gains +4 Str and +2 Vit for 4 turns. If any player guesses his exact number or within 3 numbers of his exact number, Walrus_arkark must buy that player a copy of terraria. Use this only three times per game.

Sleep down sheeple: Flip a coin for each player on the enemy team. For every heads, that player can decide to either be affected with the sleep status effect, or lose 5 Hp and if any liquor is present that player must drink.

  • Sleep: At the beginning of every affected player's turn, that player must flip a coin. If heads, they wake up. If tails, they skip their turn. Any damage caused to this player ends this status effect including damage done by teammates.

EDIT 405: Walrus_arkark can summon the mystical and fabled Probydoby to magically inscribe the number "405" into the air infront of him. His turn is now ended. At the beginning of Walrus_arkark's next turn the number 0 in the inscribed 405 magically manifests itself as a small black hole, consuming the numbers 4 and 5 next to it. This affects the entire universe, removing any player with 4 or 5 Hp from the game. Use this only twice per game and only after 10 turns have passed.

Passive Abilities: thanks for the response guys!: Whenever an enemy player says a number, Walrus_arkark may choose to gain +1 to the stat of his choice (other than Hp). This bonus lasts 3 turns and is stackable. Players may still spell numbers without triggering this ability.

Ruler of the ebony tusk empires, Walrus_arkark was a tyrant who was hated by many but feared by so many more. He adored to see his slaves prone around like rodents for croutons. Or cultured milk or something. Everyone who dared to follow his mighty fist was known for having no self respect, and being so pathetic. Rumors have been spread around that he has risen once again and is on the way to building another blubbery army of death.