Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - Planet Of Fecia

Hp: 35
Str: 1
Vit: 15
Int: 16
Dex: 1

Special abilities: people would get frustrated: (Range:4) uranus86 picks a player to be effected by demonic planetary magics. That player is considered frustrated for their next 2 turns. Their Str is increased by 2 but their Int is lowered by 7. Use only once every 10 turns.

pain in the ass: Using his magics of unearthliness, target player cannot sit on their ass for the rest of the game. If they do by accident, that player is hurt by 5 damage and must immediately remove his glutes from the floor/surface or otherwise forfeit the game within 3 seconds. Use only once per game.

influx of users: This attack deals damage equal to the number of players in this game to any player on the map. This may not deal more than 5 damage. Use only 3 times per game.

I'm sure: uranus86 knows his purpose to destroy earth, he's sure of it. This thought accumulates into a neurowave, damaging all players in the game by 3 damage including uranus86.

Passive Abilities: A planet: uranus86 is a planet and such gains benefits from it. All attacks against him deal half their normal damage, rounded down. He also may not attack physically.

No space for friends: uranus86 is not on anyone's team, and cannot be healed by any other player. He's on his own.

Gravitational Pull: All players within 1 square of uranus86 have their movement reduced by 3.

uranus86 has existed before life itself was born. A sentient planet, whose power grew in time due to the mages of jokia, who would continuously reference the planet as their god of orificeaus. Now, he threatens the entire world of Earth with his powerful planetary powers. He seeks to enlighten those of the people's fate of frustration due to an influx of users posting rage comics.