Type - Human

Hp: 15

Str: 15

Vit: 12

Int: 15

Dex: 12

Special abilities:

bunch of cars: This attack deals damage to a single target player equal to the number of cars parked within 40 feet outside your front door. This cannot deal more than 8 damage in any way. If there is only 1 or 2 cars outside, tripinbalz gains 3 life when using this as well.

I got bored: tripinbalz can excuse himself from the game and skip his next turn to heal all other allies by 5 Hp and give +2 to all stats for 5 turns.

tripin: Pick a psychoactive substance and list off it's chemical name. If you do, you may gain +3 damage or +3 healing power on your next physical or magical attack. You must use a unique substance each time you use this ability. (Example, LSD you'd have to say lysergic acid diethylamide). If you fail, you go into withdrawal which makes you skip your next turn.

Passive Abilities:

Psychoactive psychic: Flip two coins whenever a spell is used by an enemy player against tripinballz. If both are heads, that attack does nothing.

It has finally happened: Every 5 turns, tripinbalz may choose one of the following. A) restore 4 Hp to anyone, make any one player lose -3 to the stat of tripinbalz's choice, or give +2 stats to all allies for 3 turns.

And the ages told to past, or something, that tripinbalz would come forth from the long forgotten and forsaken caves of Tetrahydroia in the land of Cannabinolia. Nobody could have prepare for his arrival. His trip powers, undaunted by the ages, were potent as ever. Many learned of his abilities and followers longed to trip as hard as balz, the ultimate state of power and mind when you don't pass out from exhaustion, for the power comes at a price... - Incident of tripinbalz, vol II, by John Cunt'amandul.

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