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Type - Purgatory Scholar of Reddit Magicks

Hp: 20
Str: 16
Vit: 13
Int: 19
Dex: 14

Special abilities: I love tits: Trapped_in_Reddit's Magic is powerful and capable of healing people so long as he is aquainted with some tigg ol' bitties. For every pair of boobies in this game, this attack restores 2 Hp to a single teammate. This cannot restore more than 8 life this way.

Tits are blue: Guess target player's nipple color. If you get it right, this ability deals 6 damage to them. You may not use this on the same player twice.

Karma Nuke: Using his ability to amass great quantities of karmanite, a rare and precious mineral sought after by the mages of redditia udul'zael, Trapped_in_Reddit can muster up all his energy to fire off a great nuke of energy. Pick a square on the map and write it down, without telling anyone. In 5 turns, show them what you wrote down. Then, this nuke lands there and deals 10 damage to everything adjacent to the square and on the square you chose, including teammates. Use this only once per game.

Passive Abilities: Trapped in Reddit: Trapped_in_Reddit phases out to an alternate dimension every time he is attacked due to a pact he made with a multidimensional god. This grants him invulnerability to physical attacks for the next turn after being struck, and reducing all spell and ability damage dealt to Trapped_in_Reddit by 3 on that player's turn as well. No allies may heal Trapped_in_Reddit while he is phased out.

Novelty Ward: Trapped_in_Reddit can bring himself back from even the brink of death. If an attack were to deal more Hp than Trapped_in_Reddit's current Hp, nullify that damage. Only attacks that amount to his current specific Hp may slay him.

Guess who's on?
On again
Trapped_in_Reddit's back
tell your friends

Now every user report to the front page
To the front page, to the front page
Now every user report to the front page
Alright Stop!.....Karma time

Come here little upvotes, On my lap
Guess who's on with a lame novelty rap?
And I don't mean post as in a new case of reddit circlejerk masturbation
No worries, Trapped_in_Reddit's got a brand new post to ploy What else could he possibly say to make poise?
He done comment on everything, but little boys

From A 16th Century Book of Wonders - By Grand Marshall Deppart_ni_Ritderd