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Type - Human / CompleteFlatfish

Hp: 13
Str: 18
Vit: 11
Int: 13
Dex: 13

Special abilities: Very very small fish: Pick an enemy player. You and that player must use goog magicks to show the other player one species of fish that is ideally smaller than the other player's, without searching for the words "small fish" or ANY variant so. If TotalHalibut procures the smallest fish, he gains +4 to Int for 3 turns. If the enemy player lands the smallest fry, that player gains +2 Int for 3 turns instead. You must pick new fishes each time this ability is used.

LYING TO YOU: Write down on a piece of paper "T" or "F" then pick an enemy player for LYING TO YOU to affect. Ask them a question which has a true or false answer. If they guess right, this deals 2 damage to TotalHalibut. If they guess wrong, this deals 2 damage to them and another 2 damage to them at the beginning of their next turn. Finally, if they wish to see if you wrote down either true or false after they guess you must show them.

Passive Abilities: I do not take requests: If any enemy player asks you a question you gain +5 Hp. If any enemy player asks you a second question, you gain +10 Hp and all allies gain +5 Hp. For every player after the second question that asks you anything, that player loses the game in last place. No enemy player may be forced to ask TotalHalibut a question by any means.

You expect to be treated like a friend?: TotalHalibut's internet minions he cares naught about give him magical ego powers but drain his basic sense of etiquette. This strange power often makes TotalHalibut arrogant and under the illusion of being important, so while it grants him +4 to Str it also reduces his clear thinking and social skills, lowering his Int by 3 and Vit by 1.

Said to of originated as a human who mistrusted the motives of others, TotalHalibut now dwells in the waters of the pacifica and the atlantisica oceans. Some say he dabbled in blue magicks, which turned him from man to totalfish. It is also known for not really caring about who cares about it, believing everyone is just replaceable. Using it's blue magicks, TotalHalibut can conjure up a nice dinner for the well angled traveler.