Type - Retired tickle warrior 4 time gold medal winner

Hp: 20
Str: 17
Vit: 15
Int: 11
Dex: 19

Special abilities: Ticklemetimbers: Pick any player. If that player is standing next to you at any point during this turn, TickleFightProTour fires off an irresistibly funny flurry of fingers. This damages the chosen enemy by 3 and reduces their action points on their next turn by 1. If that player is friendly, this heals them by 3 and grants them an extra action point on their next turn instead.

Video Games: TickleFightProTour must list of 5 video games in the same genre within 7 seconds when he uses this. If he succeeds, he is granted an extra 3 Int and has 4 Hp restored. If he fails, he is damaged by 4 instead. He may not use any same game name or genre twice.

TIL Transfer: TickleFightProTour enlightens one of his allies, increasing their Int by 5 on their next turn.

Tickle Tourney: (Range:1) TickleFightProTour engages in a tickle war with target player. Both players must attack each other until TickleFightProTour's next turn. Whoever deals the most damage in this time wins the Tickle Tourney, restoring half the Hp they lost from fighting. If it is a tie, both players must play rock paper scissors (best 2 out of 3) to see who gains the Hp restoration. Use this only once every 10 turns.

Passive Abilities: aren't software: Designed to duel people, TickleFightProTour's attacks deal an extra 1 damage against all humanoids. All attacks used against mechanical foes have their damage reduced by 3.

Correction: TickleFightProTour knows when another player is technically wrong. This gives him a sort of confidence when he is doing well. All attacks that damage TickleFightProTour when he is within 3 of his max Hp deal half their normal damage instead.

Tickle Overlord: Attacks that deal 1-2 damage simply "tickle" TickleFightProTour. This gets him in the mood, increasing his Str by 1 for his next 3 turns. This gain is stackable.

Who knew that a mere mortal could achieve such a high level of dexterity? Who knew that I, the lord of suffering and seriousness, could fall victim to such a man? He didn't just break down my mental barriers, he.. he completely shattered me. My servants walked out the door in disgust. There I was, laughing harder than any demon could have even fathomed. - Dark Lord Apatheus Unlaugheus

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