Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 15

Str: 15
Vit: 9
Int: 11
Dex: 11

Special abilities: South Park Trivia: Ask any one player about anything that happens in South Park. If they explain it accurately enough both of you gain +3 to all stats for 3 turns. If it's obvious they're BSing you they lose 3 Hp and you gain 3 Hp.

If you do this: All players play this game. Everyone goes around clockwise in a circle taking turns listing off things that "If you do, you'll have a bad time." The first person to repeat or say something that wouldn't really be considered a "bad time" must give you $1 and 4 of their Hp.

Passive Abilities: I hate it now: At the beginning of the game you must play your favorite song or alarm all the way through. If you do not, you gain the you're gonna have a bad time status effect.

  • You're gonna have a bad time: Pick one player to have a bad time for the rest of the game. That player must not show any expression of having fun. If they do, they lose the game immediately. If they look like they're having a bad time throughout the entire game, they automatically win and place one spot higher than you at the end of the game.