Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 16

Str: 10
Vit: 10
Int: 14
Dex: 7

Special abilities: Haha!: You must say "haha" in order to use this. Deals 4 damage to target player. That player is also affected with the Humiliated status effect. Use this only 3 times per game.

  • Humiliated: For this player's next two turns, if they attack anybody they lose -2 Hp.

This guy is my kind of guy: Target ally deals an extra 4 damage on their next attack. Use this only twice per game and once every 10 turns.

This guy is not my kind of guy: Target enemy cannot attack the player of your choice and loses -2 Str on their next turn. Only use this twice per game and once every 10 turns.

Passive Abilities:

What I do with my CDs: spidysweb87 gains +1 to all stats for every CD he brings to the game shaped like a character from any sonic title. Each CD must be a different character. He may gain no more than +4 stats this way.

Hailing from the fabled mountains of Arahk-Nid87, spidysweb87 is known to the locals as "the misleading one." He has been known to lead unsuspecting travelers into his lair, only to laugh at them and say that they're "not his kind of guy." Other times he eats them out of boredom and magically recreates their faces into strange circular shapes with a hole in the middle for convenient placement, so the locals have learned to keep away from spidysweb87.