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Type - Eagle

Hp: 14
Str: 16
Vit: 15
Int: 14
Dex: 7

Special abilities:

Hearing shit like this: Due to SneakyEagle's awesome ears and noiseless travel, he's able to pick up even the faintest of sounds. If any player says any of the words in this abilities name in the next 6 turns, this attack deals 8 damage to them. Use this only once per 12 turns.

I love how much: Predict how much damage you think the next attack is going to deal against SneakyEagle. If you guess right, that attack deals half it's normal damage, rounded up.

Understand their audience: SneakyEagle takes value in how much his master wizard friends in the land of Valvic really can communicate and connect well with other beings. Thus, when SneakyEagle catches anyone or thing defiling this sacred communication, such as the elek'tron awrtz bandits, he goes into a frenzy. When you use this, SneakyEagle's turn ends. On his next turn, he gains an extra action point, allowing him to perform an extra physical attack, ability, or even movement if he has not moved already.

Passive Abilities:

Fucking giddy: Long ago, SneakyEagle convinced a druid of valvic to put an enchantment on him to ensure he would never become depressed. As a result, whenever he becomes sad he gains a boost of euphoric happiness and strength. The moment SneakyEagle drops below 50% Hp, rounded down, he restores 2 Hp to all teammates and gains +4 Str for 4 turns. This does not work if you are already below 50%.

Spybird: SneakyEagle used to do recon missions for the Amurik'kan Government of the warriors of Fasst Fuudia, who guard the secrets of Carn and Soi dueling. This trained him to be an exceptional ninja bird, granting him an extra +1 movement and invisibility from enemy players until SneakyEagle attacks. After he attacks once, this invisibility is lost for the rest of the game but the movement buff stays.

Lo, SneakyEagle is around.

The air, and the ground.

Seeking the smallest; he circles.

As the skies turn purples.

And this blood runs red

Soon they'll know his dread. - A Book of Tales, Vol 1, "Mythics From Past."