Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 13

Str: 14
Vit: 10
Int: 15
Dex: 9

Special abilities: Hijack a top thread: End your turn and go on reddit. Post a reply to the top comment in any thread starting with "Hate to hijack a top thread." If at any point in the game your post gains at least half the number of points of the post you hijacked, you gain +6 to Str and +6 to Max Hp for the rest of the game. Use this only once per game.

One of the most broken games ever made: Discuss with your teammates, if you have any, of 2 different games other than OoT that are known to be broken. Write down at least one glitch per game. For each valid glitch, target player of your choice loses 1 Hp. You may only list up to 5 glitches max, and cannot repeat any said before.

A kid named Ingx24: Run outside as fast as you can while another teammate records your time. Then, pick target enemy player to do the same. Whoever speed runs outside the fastest must give 3 Hp to the other player. Use this on a different target each time, and only up to 3 times per game.

Passive Abilities:

Wrong Warp: Flip a coin at the beginning of the game. If heads, pick a player on the enemy team to swap teams with for the rest of the game.

All you need is a sword and shield: If you bring a sword and shield to this game, you gain +2 to Str and for every 3 damage you receive, 1 of that is negated. This lasts the rest of the game.