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Type - Knight of the Super Innuendos

Hp: 19
Str: 16
Vit: 15
Int: 14
Dex: 15

Special abilities: Innuendo Beam: Using his magical knightly powers of implying something suggestively, Sir_Vyvin focuses all his power into a beam of light. Sir_Vyvin must list off 3 unique, non-repeating sexual innuendos within 6 seconds. For every one he lists off, this attack deals 2 damage to the player of his choice and knocks them back 1 square. If he repeats a previously said innuendo, this attack slightly backfires, dealing 2 damage to himself instead.

Drill is for: Sir_Vyvin learned a lot about drills on his mighty quest, granting him an intricate knowledge of their futuristic capabilities. He constructed his own medieval version, which is capable of destroying a small area of ground beneath him. When you use this attack, the square in front of you is dug into a giant hole. If any player falls into one of these pits, they skip their next 2 turns, and receive an extra 1 damage per 2 damage dealt to them while in the pit. The enemy player must also use 2 movement instead of 1 to climb out of the hole. Use this no more than 3 times per game.

Passive Abilities: Knightback: Being a knight whose trained in full armor his whole life grants Sir_Vyvin incredible control and strength when in combat. All his physical attacks also knock the player backwards 1 square.

We all know: Whenever an enemy player asks a sentence with any variation of "do you know?" in it to anybody Sir_Vyvin may say "we all know." If you do, this heals you by 10 Hp.

Leader: All allies are inspired with faith when around Sir_Vyvin, increasing their Vit and Str by 2.

Sir_Vyvin, a top ranking knight of the innuendos, slayer of dragons, and all that magically stumbled upon the most peculiar picture. It seemed to be some artists rendition of a bear in what Sir_Vyvin knew to be futuristic type armor. This bear was smiling gleefully at the many little girls surrounding him, perhaps implying some sort of pedophilia. But then he saw the drill. He knew that perhaps maybe these girls were real and he needed to stop this horrific event, whatever it may be, from happening in the future. He made it his quest to travel the world, searching for someone who could explain the picture. He had to know why this thing had a drill, and if it was causing these girls to be in danger. At last, the prophet Unlimited_Pancakes arose from his ihopy dimensional slumber and spoke the truth to Sir_Vyvin. He had dropped this picture in his time to give humanity a chance to stop the dark lord PedoRyan from creating the Pedodaddys. Astonished by this news, Sir_Vyvin started his own order, the super innuendos, to prevent the dark future. They hone their skills, preparing for the arrival every day.