Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - Human / Fecimage

Hp: 16
Str: 15
Vit: 13
Int: 17
Dex: 13

Special abilities: more to spend with the girlfriend: shitsmearer studied fecimagic with his girlfriend for many years. Them being in the same room together strengthens their bond of Puhue (the symbol of fecimagic). He's able to send out a brown blast of energy that deals 4 damage. If you have a girlfriend, this attack deals 6 damage instead. If she's there in the room with you (you actually convinced her to play a novelty account's game from the internet) then this ability also heals you by 2 Hp and grants you +2 Str whenever she's in the room.

I'm basically flipping a coin here: shitsmearer flips a coin. If heads, this restores 6 Hp to the ally of his choice. If tails, you must pick an ally to damage by 3 Hp instead.

no more time wasted: After using this, if any player including shitsmearer takes longer than 12 seconds on their turn, they must give one of their Hp to the member of the enemy team with the least amount of life. If their life is the same, just pick one already. This lasts for 10 turns. Use this only every 16 turns.

XBL: This deals 9BL damage. Use only once per game. All BL damage causes the BL status effect.

  • BL: BL is a mysterious entity known as boxlive. He exists in the nether and sometimes lends his power to those who pay the price for his monthly services of cosmic entertainment. Any player affected by negative BL energy cannot be healed for the next 4 turns.

Passive Abilities: No time to play anymore: If shitsmearer has to or wants to ever leave this game for any reason, all enemy players are dealt 3 damage and shitsmearer's allies have 3 hp restored. He may not re-join the game after leaving, but doesn't actually have to leave the room even.

excreslider: shitsmearer is a master fecimage of Puhue, granting him +3 Int.

fiberwall: Summoning the great gods of digestia, shitsmearer's call is answered with all spell damage being reduced by 1.

"It's HARD to let go, but I must inform you all I am giving away this magical account of destiny to anyone who can pick my ancient number." And all who knew his name hailed, for their king, their god, was going to bless one of the many with the grace of one of few. - Personal Speech from shitsmear from the Bastion of Boodyia.