Type - Human / pretends to be lobster

Hp: 18
Str: 17
Vit: 12
Int: 13
Dex: 14

Special abilities:

Really dark: pseudolobster likes slightly darker and wetter enviroments than usually provided in battle because he believes he's becoming more lobster-like. He may call upon The Crawfish Ranch God Geeorgbaush' to summon dark skys and pouring rains. This storm lasts for the next 10 turns and slows all player's movement by 1, while increasing pseudolobster's movement by 3 and this ability also restores 3 Hp every 2 turns until the storm subsists. Use this only twice per game.

Crab battle: (Range:1) Pick an enemy player. That player is locked into a crab battle with you. That means the player may not disengage from attacking you with either abilities or physical attacks until their next turn has passed. You also gain +2 Str while engaged in a crab battle. Use this once every 10 turns.

Passive Abilities:

the joke: Whenever an enemy player laughs, pseudolobster may say "the joke is X" while X is equal to the short explanation of the joke in words. If he succeeds, all allies including pseudolobster gain +2 damage within a 3 range radius of pseudolobster for the next 4 turns.

Rock lobster: pseudolobster is always pretending he's "hardening" his shell, which confuses enemies psychologically into thinking their attacks won't work as well, causing all physical attacks to deal 2 less damage to pseudolobster.

Fry it up: All fire attacks deal 2x normal damage against pseudolobster, as he believes he apparently cannot feel the flames.

Disillusioned: Believing to be a lobster, which aren't exactly known for vast intelligence compared to his human side, causes pseudolobster to lose -2 Int.

Doom 3: If any enemy player other than you says the word "doom" in any part of this game, this ability kills them instantly.

pseudolobster's life alluded to a destiny of shellfish even before he gloriously came forth from his mother's womb. In there, he already had the powers to send hunger signals directly to the brain and stomach indicating the desire for shellfish. As a result, his mother consumed mass amounts, and since so much lobster, crab, and oyster were involved in the early development of pseudolobster, roughly 10% of his body is composed of shellfish. He can sense them and devour them to his advantage to gain more percent shellfish body mass. Ultimately, he desires to become fifty percent shellfish so he may increase his strength to beyond what any normal human could imagine.

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