Type - Upholder of all things circular and delicious

Hp: 19
Str: 15
Vit: 15
Int: 15
Dex: 14

Special abilities: house on fire: Piecarrier cooks up his famous strawberry scorcher, a pie known for exploding into napalm and flames on impact. Add one of these pies to your inventory and keep track of how many you have at all times.

  • Strawberry Scorcher: (Range:5) Piecarrier tosses his masterful pie of fire, damaging target player by 5 fire elemental damage and dealing an additional 2 damage from burns at the beginning of their next turn. This also damages any other player (including allies) adjacent to the chosen target.

house on ice: Piecarrier cooks up his other famous pie, the Blueberry Freezer. Add one of these pies to your inventory. Keep track of how many you have at all times.

  • Blueberry Freezer: (Range:4) Piecarrier tosses his heavier pie of ice, damaging target player by 4 ice elemental damage and decreasing their movement speed by 2 on their next turn.

house on void: Piecarrier cooks up his final pie, the inter-dimensional pie of doom as it's known. Add one Voidpie to your inventory. Keep track of how many you have at all times.

  • Voidpie: (Range:6) Pick a player within range. That player is hit by the voidpie, causing them to swap positions with you and be damaged by 3.

Passive Abilities: i don't want to: Piecarrier is known for not wanting to try out any recipes but his own, increasing his stubbornness. This causes all healing spells used on Piecarrier to heal by 1 less Hp for every 2 Hp healed. On the flipside, Piecarrier's pie attacks deal an extra 1 damage for every 2 damage inflicted.

Bake Master: For every 5 pies Piecarrier makes, he gets a free pie of his choice.

Hands Full: Because Piecarrier has to make pies in the middle of battle, he's working a bit more than the average player. Making a pie or throwing a pie both cost 1 action point each.

A young boy enamored with delectable pastries, Piecarrier believed his whole life he would become just a mere chef. That is until one day, when the guardians of Marie Callendarus discovered Piecarrier's abilities while in his shop. They urged him to pack up all his things, leave his life, and come with them back to their temple. If he would, they would bestow the ultimate gift; the lost scrolls of Blubary Pieus. Soon, Piecarrier's abilities grew vast, and he learned how to imbue magic into his baked goods. To this day he guards the halls of Marie Callendarus, forever protecting the secrets of his divine pastries.

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