Type - Cannon

Hp: 24
Str: 20
Vit: 1
Int: 15
Dex: 1

Special abilities:

Fuck if it's fake: picklecannon fires a fake pickle at any square on the map. After 3 turns, this pickle reveals itself as a timed explosive, blowing up and damaging all players on that square or adjacent to by 6. Any player standing on the square you chose receives more of the brunt, causing them to skip their next turn.

shed manly tears: picklecannon values any friendship he can get since his abandonment by his creators. If any ally dies, picklecannon can interrupt the current player's turn to use this at the cost of 1 action point on his next turn. He fires some rage balls which deal 4 damage to the player who landed the killing blow. He also gains +2 damage on his next two attacks.

Passive Abilities:

Cannonbound: picklecannon's immense strength and defenses come at a cost, his movement speed is reduced from the default 4 to 1 square per turn. If an ally is standing adjacent to picklecannon, his speed is increased to 2 instead.

Power Ranger: picklecannon's default physical attack range is increased from 1 to 8 due to him being a freaking cannon.

Erect Alloy: picklecannon's tough outer metals reduce all physical attack damage by 2. Although, these metals are susceptible to elemental damage, which deal an extra 2 damage to picklecannon.

Created as a joke with magical pickle firing properties and then discarded in an abandoned barracks, picklecannon scorned the world for the circumstances it placed him in. He was a cannon that wanted to travel the entire world but was not built to be moved. He could think, but he could not speak. For years, he wished only for the ability to become lifelike and intelligent. A god of metals, Jammes Haetfeeld, heard these cries and granted picklecannon's wish. picklecannon suddenly became alive as a living cannon with flesh covering just the tip which had enough biopower to create explosive pickles. Unbeknownst to picklecannon though, haetfeeld was also testing him by not giving him the gift of mobility. He would have to use his newfound powers of speaking and life to convince others to take him places.

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