Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 12, 8, and 6

Str: 12, 15, and 17
Vit: 7, 9, and 11
Int: 8, 9, 10
Dex: 7, 9, 12

Special abilities: Machine Guns: You must take a bite out of a real banana for this ability to work. It deals 12 damage to one target as long as all three Monkeys_with_Guns are alive. It deals 7 if only two are alive. Finally, if only one is alive it deals 4 damage.

Banana Peel: Monkeys_with_Guns writes down the coordinates to any square within their range. Whenever an enemy player steps there, show them the paper. Their character slips and they slam their head on the ground for 4 damage. You may not have more than one banana peel going at any time.

Banana chomp: Take a bite out of a banana in real life. All three monkeys regain 5 Hp. If any are slain, they do not come back to life.

Passive Abilities: Three Funky Monkey's: Monkeys_with_Guns doesn't die unless all three separate monkey's are killed.

Forbidden Heavenly Word: Nobody can say "God" or "Jesus" while Monkeys_with_Guns is alive. If they do, Monkeys_with_Guns gains +5 to all stats for the next 10 turns.