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Type - Amazed Bard of Sourcia Filmia

Hp: 18

Str: 13

Vit: 16

Int: 18

Dex: 17

Special abilities:

facial expressions: Perform 5 unique facial expressions for all players. This means no repeating faces from previous usage of this ability. If you succeed, you may restore 3 life to yourself.

Wow: moncaz conjures up intense hatred for those bringing despair among him and his friends. You may use this whenever an ally (including moncaz) is damaged by an attack that reduces at least 6 points of Hp. This ability deals half that damage to the attacker. Use this only once per game.

moncaz: (Range:4) moncaz sings his signature song, moncaz. This reduces all enemies movement within the specified range by 2 on their next turn, while increasing allies movement by 1. In addition this also damages enemies by 2, while healing allies by 1.

Passive Abilities:

this is amazing: moncaz is a bard that delights in the entertainment of others. Whenever something good happens to him, he shares it with the world. For every 3 Hp moncaz is healed by, all allies are healed by 1 Hp.

when he gets up: moncaz hates it when someone abandons his performance. Pick a player at the beginning of the game. If that player ever "gets up" to go do something else while playing, that player is hurt by 4 damage. If they get up at least 3 times in a single match, they lose the game in last place.

Dainty as a Bard: moncaz gains an additional movement speed due to him preferring to wear lighter clothing than illustrious robes or armors.

Moncaz lived to delight others. His songs were great and told of legends far and wide. But, one day when his lover in skierym died by a dragon raid at the mages guild, he grew anxious and a writer's block began to develop. No longer could he sing without his love, his inspiration, his soul. He had almost given up hope till one day, when he saw it. The recreation of the matrixia. A group of powerful mages and bards banded together to achieve this, and sought moncaz's critiquing and familiarity with Sourcia Filmia. He agreed, and with this passion renewed his natural song talents came once again. - 69 AD, a short excerpt of the tales of the bard and Sourcia.