Hp: 15

Str: 9
Vit: 13
Int: 16
Dex: 12

Special abilities: Olga Gurlukovich: Go around in a circle clockwise direction taking turns saying "Olga Gurlukovich." If anyone messes up on pronouncing it, they must cook you a meal the next day and you gain +1 stats for the rest of the game. If everyone pronounces it correctly, you must then go around in a circle counter clockwise direction taking turns saying "Olga Gurlukovich" backwards instead. If anyone messes up saying it backwards, they must buy you a beer and cook you a meal tomorrow. In addition to the meal and beer, this grants you +3 to all stats for 10 turns. If you ever mess up pronouncing it, you lose the game. If everyone pronounces it right both ways, all players in the game gain +1 to all stats for 5 turns. Use this only twice per game.

Green Glass Door: Play the game "green glass door." Take turns asking each enemy player what is allowed past the Green Glass Door. Any player who answers incorrectly must give you 1 of their Hp. If everybody knows how to play, tough luck.

Mindfuck: Pick a player to have their mind induced with the Fucked status condition for 10 turns. Use this only twice per game.

  • Fucked: This player must write down 7 words. They can only talk to other players using a word from this pool. If they use another word, they lose the game.

Passive Abilities: Do you mind?: Mind_Fucked cannot attack players physically.

Unlike you, I've been briefed: Any players wearing briefs gains a one time bonus of +2 to Str and +2 to Int. You must give proof.

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