Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 12

Str: 0
Vit: 8
Int: 6
Dex: 7

Special abilities: Copy Strength: Choose one target, your strength will be the exact same number as theirs throughout the rest of the game no matter what. Use only once per game.

Copy Ability: masterful7086 has learned many techniques throughout his journey across Makes_RPG_Stats world. As a result, he can select up to two different abilities from any player and gain them until end of game. Use this ability only once per game.

This Is A Troll: masterful7086 can ask a player if they're a troll. The player then tells the person next to them whether they are or not. Count down from 3. At 0, you say whether you think they're a troll and the person who the target told will reveal whether they said yes or no. If masterful7086 guesses right he gets +3 to all stats except strength for the next 3 turns.

Passive Abilities: Masterful: masterful7086 is rather good at most things he does. This grants him +2 to all stats except strength. If masterful7086 makes any simple error or doesn't understand something immediately, he loses this +2 bonus for the next 2 turns.