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Welcome to the Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki[]

A collection of the RPG creations made by Makes_RPG_Stats on Reddit. I, Thraxzer, am new to this making wiki stuff, so feel free to make suggestions to make this better for EVERYONE!

Describe your topic[]

I make RPG (roleplaying game) stats for imaginary internet points on Reddit, kind of like WLIIA. The stats are consistent and could be turned into a game in the possible future.

Latest activity[]

Nitaru1, Killerch33z, LeSouthAfricanSpy, Ihavebigjiji

New group of abilities: Bonus Abilities

Occams Razorburn, Kingfoot, GreyLlama, Lochsexmonster, Masterful7086, Tree-Fingers, Monkeys with Guns, Isaac Shepard

Kalamarijesus, Wardoghk, Stankmonger, Iche0815, Knockerbot, 360moonwalkaway, Super Cool Ski Instructor, JmAyotte

Good Guy Greg, Scumbag Steve, Blaqkjak, Honkmafia, Anothermoron, KiiLLBOT, Mind Fucked, Big Green Piccolo + Krazen + MonkeyWorldUK

Skylerdray, HeyanotherRepost, Pieguyfry22, Spidysweb87, ZacharyChief, Dunkelz & G-Bombz, Zyberion, TotalHalibut

Gabenchu/Spendoo, Walrus Arkark, TheNarraratorOfBastion, IceCreamAvenger

Finrayy - Defensive master of misdirection

Dramatic Pessimist - Future-seeing reddit powered novelty account

Patches111 - Sneaky man-dog with stacking buffs

shitsmearer - Fecal wizard

tripinbalz - Randomly-high psychodelic-man

Pseudolobster - Confusing Lobster-man

SneakyEagle - Ninja-eagle from the land of Valvic wizards

janitor61 - Robot fueled by tears

picklecannon - Uhh, a picklecannon

butthurtthesequel - Mind-controlling nega-demon

Trapped in Reddit - Nigh-invulnerable god of tit loving

binaryecho - Soul-sucking destroyer of all

Gamedevkev - Brandishes the power of Valve software

Sir Vyvin - Drill wielding implied-paladin

Synical Sandwich - Fearful healing sandwich

Uranus86 - Sentient Planet with the power to frustrate

Piecarrier - Pastry passing protector of Marie Callendarus

TickleFightProTour - Master of the medieval art of tickling

moncaz - A bard

Bipolarplatypusbear - Bears, socks, monotremes? Awesome!

AZRugger - Long-range anti-magic beam user

Ekoa - Unintelligible being of destruction

CecilThunder - Dark knight paladin of thunder

drowningfish17 - Dying drinking demon-fish?