Hp: 16

Str: 17
Vit: 10
Int: 5
Dex: 12

Special abilities: Flag Taken: KiiLLBOT picks a player to go and find the flag he planted at the beginning of the game. If this player can find it within 30 seconds, KiiLLBOT must get him/her a snack from the kitchen of their choice and that player gains +3 to all stats until their next turn. If they fail to find the flag, KiiLLBOT fires defensive rockets at the entire enemy team dealing 3 damage to each player and bans all effected players from eating or drinking any foods or beverages for the next 10 turns. The flag must be returned to KiiLLBOT by the end of this ability.

Flag Dropped: KiiLLBOT may change the location of the flag. Use this only once every 5 turns.

Bass Dropped: Go to youtube and put on skrillex. You may do this at the end of your turn and you do not have to tell anybody you used this ability. If nobody turns it off by 2 turns, you gain +5 to all stats for 2 turns. If nobody turns it off by 10 turns, you may choose to win the game in 1st place but unfortunately your teammates have to keep playing without you then, dick.

Passive Abilities: Plant: KiiLLBOT plants a flag or something that looks like a flag at the beginning of every game somewhere in the house. He does not tell anyone, not even his own team where it is.

One trick pony: The only thing KiiLLBOT was ever designed to do was kill, obviously. He gains +5 Str and loses -5 Int.

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