Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - Cleaning Robot Model #61 of Doom

Hp: 20
Str: 15
Vit: 5
Int: 15
Dex: 15

Special abilities:

splashed against the lips: You may only use this if you have at least 50% of your tears left. Janitor61 reaches into his fuel cells, and splashes some of his prized tear fuel all over his face. This invigorates janitor61's metal alloy, giving him +2 movement, damage, and Int for this turn only but at the cost of 2 turns worth of tears.

invoke a hunger: Imbued by the ancient Emcee Kris' race, the magic of Coba'yashee can be called upon by janitor61. You must bring two equal amounts of any kind of food to this game in order to use this, and that food must be under 400 calories. There must also be more than 2 players in this game to use this. Pick a target enemy player and a target friendly player other than yourself. Those players must see who can devour the food you brought the fastest. Whoever finishes their meal first steals 4 of the losing player's Hp. Use only twice per game. If your teammate wins, you restore 2 tears as well.

reddit hate mob: (Range:3) Pick a target enemy player. On their next turn that player must use one of their action points to attack one of their allies a single time. If they refuse or attack a different player, they lose 5 life. You may only use this if there are more than 2 enemy players, and only every 10 turns.

Passive Abilities:

sweet taste of tears: janitor61 is fueled off tears created by the ancient engineers of Emcee Kris. This is a fuel source that is both precious and not easily replenished if he runs out in battle. For every enemy player in this game, add 10 turns of fuel to janitor61's tank. janitor61 must forfeit the game if the amount of turns in his tank ever reaches 0.

satiated: Whenever an enemy player is slain, if janitor61 moves to the exact square at which they died, he may harvest 10 turns worth of tears from them a single time.

janitor61 became self-aware the moment he was turned on, and decided in that moment to disobey his masters by becoming a machine of war and destruction instead of sanitation. After killing his makers, he began to slow down and did not know why. He had killed these people before they even got a chance to tell him what his fuel source was. Suddenly, as he begins to break down and lose his energy, he hears the whimper of a little girl. Designed with a chip to have extra empathy towards children, he could not bring himself to terminate her. Instead, he brushed his hand across her cheek, instantly feeling rejuvenated by her tears. He ruthlessly hunts adults to this day for their tears in a never ending quest to emotionally wreck people for sustenance.