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Type - Frosty Fluff Fighter of Delicious Desserts
Hp: 20
Str: 13
Vit: 15
Int: 17
Dex: 15

Special abilities:

IceCreamTeamBeam: (Range:5) This attack deals 4 damage to the target, and reduces their movement by 1 on their next turn. If you brought ice cream to this game and shared it with everyone, this attack deals 6 damage instead and reduces movement by 2.

on my mind: IceCreamAvenger conjures up an icicle with his mind, but it stays attatched to his head. Whenever a player physically attacks IceCreamAvenger, this icicle is broken. The attacking player is hurt by 3 damage and has their movement reduced by 1 on their next turn.

texpack: IceCreamAvenger comes prepared with his own personal texpack. When you use this, all status effects and stat reductions are removed from IceCreamAvenger and you restore 5 Hp. Use this only twice per game.

Cobblestone blocks: (Range:7) Pick a square within range. After 3 turns, a frozen cobblestone block magically appears at that location. If any player is standing there, they are frozen for their next 3 turns, and all physical damage dealt to them is reduced by 6 while under this effect. Magical damage is reduced by 3. This frozen block melts after these 3 turns. Player's may climb on top of it for an extra 2 damage per attack against the frozen target.

Passive Abilities:

Vengeance: IceCreamAvenger wishes for justice to those who have caused injustice. Pick a player at the beginning of the game. All attacks made against this player deal 2 more damage.

icecreamarmor: IceCreamAvenger's temperature is magically tuned to be quite low. This gives him an icy defense against those who would try and damage him. Flip a coin whenever IceCreamAvenger is damaged by a physical attack. If heads, that attack's damage is reduced by 4. If tails, that attack's damage is reduced by 2.

melting: All fire attacks deals an extra 3 damage against IceCreamAvenger.

Legend has it IceCreamAvenger's parents were ruthlessly maimed and devoured in a store as he stood witness to it all. The tragedy turned into his personal revenge, so now he wishes to avenge his frosty folks and all others from being devoured by the human'ith race. He commands a vast array of powerful icy attacks which he uses to freeze his enemies into silence. He has since created a guild, the Frosty Fluff Fighters, to carry out his goals. Friends and foes alike fear his creamy cruelty.