Hp: 14

Str: 13
Vit: 14
Int: 10
Dex: 9

Special abilities: No cats, no dogs: Deals 3 damage to any player. For every cat & dog in the house you are playing at, this attack deals 2 more damage damage. May only be used 3 times per game, deal no more than 13 damage, and may only be used once every 10 turns.

Baby monkey backpacking: You must leave the game for your turn and google "Baby monkey backpacking." For every person you see backpacking with a baby monkey, you gain +2 life. Gain no more than 10 life this way and you may not use the same backpacker twice.

Brazil Monkeys: Tell a story of when you were in Brazil that the other players haven't heard before. It can be fairly uneventful and short. If you pull it off, you gain +6 life and you may choose one enemy player to be a "monkey." Whenever the "monkey" attacks they must say "I'm a little baby princess monkey, tickle me guys!" Use this only once per game.

Honkmafia: Honkmafia must go outside and honk a car horn. If he/she does this successfully, all enemy players lose 3 Str and all allies gain 3 Str for 3 turns. Use this only once per game.

Passive Abilities:

Redbeard: All fire damage is reduced by half on Honkmafia.

Just me: You just being you always assures people of themselves. +1 to all Vit and Dex on your team.

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