Hp: 14

Str: 14

Vit: 14

Int: 14

Dex: 14

Special abilities:

I hate this feeling: As an additional cost to use this ability, you must lose 4 Hp. Pick a feeling. Nobody can express said feeling whenever it is your turn. If they do, they must give you 2 Hp and you gain +3 to Str and Dex for 4 turns. Use this only once per game.

Repost: Pick a target player. Both you and them must get up and go to the computer. Judge your every moveapplies to any movement as well. Go on reddit and find 3 reposts in 1 minute. If both of you succeed, you both gain +2 to all stats for 5 turns. Whoever fails must give the other player 2 of their Hp. If both players fail, both players lose 3 Hp.

Passive Abilities: Judge your every move: Pick a player at the beginning of the game to be "judged." Then pick a single body part. If that player ever moves that body part when it is your turn, you may gain +3 Hp. You must call them out.

Rest of Team is Dead: If you're the only player left on your team, you gain +7 to all stats for the rest of the game, and all your Hp is restored.

As a Counter Strike Player: Any attacks that shoot projectiles against you deal 1 less damage. Any teammate's attack that shoots projectiles deals 1 more damage.

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