Hp: 40

Str: 15
Vit: 10
Int: 15
Dex: 10

Special abilities: No worries man I rolled some up for us: Good Guy Greg can smoke target other than Good Guy Greg out, restoring 5 Hp and inducing the High condition. Use once only every 4 turns.

  • High: As long as effected target is eating snacks, they gain +2 to all stats. This also restores 1 Hp whenever it's their turn.

Dying Wish: If Good Guy Greg is below 20% of his max Hp, he may put a positive curse on a teammate other than himself. This friendly curse restores 10 to Hp, and gives +2 to all stats to that teammate for the rest of the game. The curse only activates after Good Guy Greg is slain.

Passive Abilities: Talks about how great you are while your GF flirts with him: Pick a teammate at the beginning of the game. This guy is your buddy for the rest of the game. Half of the damage dealt to your buddy is redirected to Good Guy Greg.

Embodiment of Friendly and Positive: Good Guy Greg refuses to take any healing or buffs from teammates, because he's only looking out for you. All healing spells and buffs casted on Good Guy Greg are redirected to your buddy. If your buddy has max Hp, you may choose a new target other than Good Guy Greg.

Memegod: Good Guy Greg takes no damage from physical attacks, which includes redirected damage. Magic damage deals 2 times as much, though.

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