Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - Wizard of the Tours of Valvia

Hp: 18
Str: 14
Vit: 13
Int: 18
Dex: 11

Special abilities: Friend at valve: gamedevkev lists off an employee from valve. If this person is confirmed to work there, he restores 4 Hp. You must use different names each time and not use this ability more than 4 times per game. If anyone from the previous game catches you using a name you used in that game and calls you out, you lose 3 Hp instead.

Never seen before: Choose a player and think up something that exists on earth, and is visible to the naked eye. Ask that player if they have seen said thing. If the player has not seen said thing, this attack deals 5 damage to that player. You may ask up to 3 questions to that player to see if they really know what it looks like. A judge can be appointed to debate said answers.

their offices: This attack deals damage equal to the number of tables and chairs within 25 feet of where this game is being played. If there are 0, this restores 3 Hp to gamedevkev. This attack may not deal more than 7 damage.

Passive Abilities: gamedevkev: Being a game developer mage grants gamedevkev the intricacies of immunity to any attack that would kill him within the first 8 turns of this game.

snap photos: Whenever gamedevkev takes a picture of this game and posts it on reddit, he may gain +3 to all stats for his next turn. You may not post more than 3 pictures in any single game.

The master of game creation, gamedevkev, had been creating entertainment since he was still in the uterus. His powers were apparent at birth, and shaped him into becoming the world's best game developer. This was a power he gained from being a so called "prodigy child", and would lead him to glorious victory over his enemies. Soon, a god of Valiva noticed his strength and valor. This god decided to grant him magical powers to use towards his creations. His games soon became real and his enemies who lost paid with their lives. - A /r/gaming tale, the files of Valiva.