Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - Unknown Life Form Gamma Delta #136

Hp: 18

Str: 17

Vit: 11

Int: 16

Dex: 8

Special abilities:

HYAH: (Range:1) Ekoa performs a series of stunts increasing in complexity. This baffles enemies due to his peculiar appearance. Flip a coin 3 times.

1 Heads: This attack deals 3 damage to the target.

2 Heads: This attack deals 5 damage to the target, and reduces their movement on their next turn by 1.

3 Heads: This attack deals 7 damage to the target, and reduces their damage and movement on their next turn by 2.

3 Tails: Ekoa is hurt by 7 damage instead.

pop: (Range:3) After making a slight popping sound, Ekoa vomits a beam of pure bio-energy. All targets in the chosen line of sight are effected by this sticky beam, hurting them by 3 and causing their movement to be reduced by 1 on their next turn.

sluuuurrp: (Range:5) Ekoa lashes his tongue out at frightening speeds. This grabs the target, dealing 2 damage, and also drags them 2 squares towards Ekoa.

Passive Abilities:

HEH: Laughing at his foes impending doom, Ekoa gains strength and confidence the closer he is to any prey. These bonuses never stack, and go away if you leave its range.

3 squares away from enemy: Ekoa gains +2 damage on ability related attacks.

2 squares away from enemy: Ekoa gains +1 movement speed and +2 on ability related attacks.

1 squares away from enemy: Ekoa gains +3 to all damage.

Ah: Whenever Ekoa damages an enemy player, he feeds off their subsistence slightly, increasing his life. He gains 25% of all damage dealt in life, rounded down. An attack must deal a minimum of 4 damage to count.

Structural Integrity: Due to Ekoa's rather small size, all physical attacks deal an extra 1 damage to Ekoa.

SYYEAAAAAAHHHHHHH: A loud, but inspiring shriek keeps Ekoa's spirits up. This increases his chance of a critical strike by 10%

When we first discovered #136, many squads of wizards and warriors had to... die to secure its safety for me. It's of no matter, the research of this creature is infinitely more important than any no-named guard's plight. The studies on it could create powerful toxins and enhanced bombs for new ways to terrorize those who do not obey. I do not fear its wrath for imprisonment, our special cage should withstand any sort of brute force. Things could go sour if someone were to accidently open up the main door to feed it instead of the designated side doors. Fortunately, there are guards posted to watch each personal and prevent unauthorized peoples from doing anything they're not supposed to. Hey wait... who is that?! How did you get in here? W-what are you doing? Don't press that! GUARDS SEIZE... AAUUHHHH.................HYAH HUHH HEH SYYAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! - Final researcher's log of Ekoa, specimen #136.