Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 16, 12

Str: 12, 16
Vit: 15, 13
Int: 13, 15
Dex: 14, 14

Special abilities: SHORTCUT MOTHERFUCKERSSSSSSSSSS: Flip a coin three times. If all three are heads, both G-Bombz and Dunkelz gain +3 to all stats for the rest of the game and have 5 Hp restored. If any are tails, both Dunkelz and G-Bombz gain the .....OH SHIT! status effect.

  • .....OH SHIT!: Both Dunkelz and G-Bombz must skip their next turn if it is past 7 turns into the game. If they must skip, all damage dealt to them until their next active turn is reduced by 1.

OK but really! Three outta five!!: Dunkelz and G-Bombz agree on heads or tails then pick target enemy player to be affected. Flip a coin 5 times. If 3 out of 5 are what you called, you gain +3 to Dex, Str, damage, and Vit for 5 turns and have 3 Hp restored. If 3 out of 5 are the opposite of what Dunkelz and G-Bombz agreed on, that enemy player has 4 Hp restored instead. No other combination has any effect.

Passive Abilities: Friend A & B: Dunkelz and G-Bombz are friends despite their frequent mishaps on mayreo kart, an ancient game of prophecy and racing. This gives them the Buddies status effect.

  • Buddies: Whenever an attack targets both Dunkelz and G-Bombz at the same time, prevent 2 of that damage to each of them.

Dude we have to restart this isn't fair: If either Dunkelz or G-Bombz dies within the first 7 turns, they may come back to life with full Hp but -1 to all Stats not including Hp.

Two is more than one: Both Dunkelz and G-Bombz start out with a collective pool of 3 Action points. They must share as they see fair.