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Type - Unstable possessed fish

Hp: 17

Str: 13

Vit: 14

Int: 17

Dex: 1

Special abilities:

point a raider: drowningfish17 can pick any point on the map to unleash one of his raider minions. This raider appears after exactly 3 turns have passed, dealing 13 damage to any player standing on the chosen square. Use this only once every 3 of your turns.

keep his brews: (Range:3) This attack deals damage to the number of beers you've drank while playing this game plus three. This attack may not deal more than 9 damage.

blackbubblebeam: (Range:5) drowningfish17 fires an array of black bubbles, filled with toxic gas. Pick a 3x3 grid of squares within range. That area is filled with gas that deals 3 damage at the beginning and end of every player's turn so long as they are standing in it. The gas lasts for the next 6 turns. You may only use this only once every 11 turns.

space water: Once per game, drowningfish17 may consume his special reserve vial of space water if the battle calls for it. This restores 7 of his lost Hp.

Passive Abilities:

In 200 years: If drowningfish17 survives to his 20th turn, all his Hp is restored and all enemies are damaged by 5. This happens only once.

heavy herring: At the beginning of the game, drowningfish17 picks an ally to carry him. drowningfish17 has 0 movement speed. If there is no teammate to carry him, he may use one of his demonic minions. This minion cannot attack, and has half drowningfish17's stats, rounded down. When the minion or player dies, drowningfish17 is dropped on the ground but will survive due to his special fish bowl of skulls. drowningfish17 may use an action point to summon a new minion if his starting one or his ally is slain.

drowningfish17: At the beginning of any and every player's turn, drowningfish17 loses 1 Hp. All healing attempts made on drowningfish only heal him by 1 Hp. All attacks made against drowningfish17 deal 1 damage.

drowningfish17 was your ordinary pet fish, until a wizard tampering with reality using the enchanted skull of a once mighty Yao Guai allowed a spectre from mars into his lab. The spirit was dizzy and confused from the wizard's incantation, and accidently stumbled into the fish's body as its possessor. Now, drowning fish identifies with his fellow demons, but most constantly be given a special kind of water, space water, or face drowning. He rides atop his blubbery throne as his minions are forced to clean his tank, or face his scaley wrath.