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Type - Guy from FF4 but now with lightning

Hp: 19

Str: 17

Vit: 15

Int: 14

Dex: 14

Special abilities:

Thunderwave: (Range:5) This damages all enemy players within 5 squares of you in one direction by half your physical damage, which is treated as regular damage and is subject to armor reductions. It also damages CecilThunder by 2.

blue fuck: All players with anything blue attached to them or apart of their bodies in real life are hurt by 2 damage per blue item. Eyes are treated as a single blue item. This affects CecilThunder as well.

astonished: CecilThunder doesn't really know what to say besides "what the blue fuck" in rare circumstances. When he chants this, the mages of redditia answer his call by feeding him upvotewaves with their karma magic powers. This temporarily increases his power vastly, giving him +3 to all stats for his next 3 turns. Use this only once per game.

Passive Abilities:

what the: Whenever an enemy player damages you or one of your allies by an attack dealing at least 5 points of Hp, CecilThunder may say "what the". If he does, this attack deals 2 damage to that player.

Lightning body: Flip a coin whenever an enemy player physically attacks CecilThunder. If it's heads, that player is paralyzed for their next turn, reducing their action points by 1 and movement by 2.

Electric speed: CecilThunder can travel great distances faster than any mere human. This grants him an extra 2 movement speed.

Having left the world of FF4, CecilThunder traveled across the universe in a ship he used to get to the moon. He found the mages of redditia, who took him in gladly as their own and taught him the ways of thunder magics ergo his name. Now, he fights for voicing the opinion of every redditia mage and warrior, so that justice will come to all to be judged ill. Every now and then, he stumbles across something he just doesn't get, maybe he thinks why is this guy spending all this time for WLIIA points? Or who wants to read all this? These questions he ponders.

- A Transformation Story: From Cecil to Thunder