Type - Butt hurt movie demon

Hp: 17
Str: 16
Vit: 12
Int: 14
Dex: 17

Special abilities: it's stupid: Pick a player on the enemy team for this to target. If that player can't list something they think is stupid, and give 3 reasons for why it legitimately is stupid, annoying, or frustrating they lose 10 Hp. If that player can give 3 reasons, half their max Hp is restored. Enemy players may not repeat anything they've previously said is stupid. All players may chime in whether they thought the reasons were reasonable enough. If any player other than butthurtthesequel wishes to challenge another player over a disagreement, they may resolve it with a game of rock paper scissors (best 2 out of 3).

Soul Tap: butthurtthesequel uses his demonic powers to affect target enemy player and tap into their psyche. That player must use the ability of butthurtthesequel's choice a single time on his or her next turn. Use this only once every 10 turns.

Passive Abilities: It's not necessary for this to exist: butthurtthesequel picks a player at the beginning of the game. That player is deemed unnecessary until the end of the game, cursing them with his aura of negativity which grants -1 to all stats including Hp and -1 to damage in addition.

Butt hurt II: Revenge of the Painful Glutes: butthurtthesequel has starred in two productions as the character John rashbottom, a man in his prime who suffers from overly sensitive reactions. As a result, whenever an enemy targets butthurtthesequel with any ability he loses -1 Hp. But, whenever an ally targets butthurtthesequel with an ability, he restores 2 Hp and gets +1 to Str for the next 3 turns which stacks.

ridiculous text: butthurtthesequel gains vast powers from enemies expressing creativity. He prances in the power that he feels he gains by putting them down. As a result, this decreases his respectful thinking which lowers Int by 2 but raises his arrogance causing a Str and Dex gain of 3

A demon which took a mortal form long ago to star in human movies, butthurtthesequel is both a movie and a demon playing a human actor simultaneously. His role in the movies created a demonic link between him and his film's forever. People watching have no idea butthurtthesequel could tap into their souls, and he often does this, draining their essence and causing stress and butthurtfulness.

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