Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Hp: 21

Str: 12
Vit: 21
Int: 12
Dex: 21

Special abilities: Game Glitch: BlaqkJak uses his powers over cards, oblivion, and the universe to rewind the game. Everything that happened in the last 3 turns doesn't count and is reverted to before. Players do not get to redo those lost turns. Use only once per game.

Jack Black: Go around the room in a counter clockwise order listing off movies Jack Black was in. If someone repeats or cannot come up with a title, they must give 5 gold to each person playing and lose 1 Hp for each movie listed by all players.

Passive Abilities: 21: If anyone is ever dealt 21 damage or healed by 21 life, you gain +8 to all stats for your next 3 turns.

Never got any of the funny stuff: Nobody is allowed to laugh while Blaqkjak is alive or playing. If they do, including Blaqkjak, they lose 6 Hp. This can kill.

lmao: It is acceptable to say lmao instead of laughing. Although that's not really funny when spoken in real life and defeats the purpose. This does nothing.