Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - Destroyer of ASSHAT mcs.

Hp: 17
Str: 15
Vit: 13
Int: 16
Dex: 13

Special abilities: i have an idea...: binaryecho comes up with an idea and writes it down. He then comes up with 2 + x false ideas where x is equal to the number of players in this game. Then, all enemy player get a single guess one at a time to find out binaryecho's true idea. For every player who guesses wrong, that player is hurt by a magical echo beam dealing 4 damage to them. The enemy player who guesses right has 2 Hp restored and this ability ends. You must use different ideas each time you use this.

grow the fuck up: binaryecho uses his knowledge of enhancement magics to cause his growth hormones to magically spurt the fuck up. This causes him to become gigantic in size for his next 3 turns, increasing his movement by 1, Str by 3, and max Hp by 3. All damage is also reduced by 1. If binaryecho receives more than 10 damage while in this form, he is knocked unconscious for his next turn, effectively skipping it. You may only use this once per game.

fuckin cry baby: Observing the master of immaturity himself, M'sea Krisia, binaryecho learned of his pitiful magics. Every enemy player must flip a coin, if heads they take pity on binaryecho and cannot attack him for the next 3 turns in the game. If tails, the enemy player goes into a rage for the next 3 turns; increasing the Str on physical attacks used against binaryecho by 2. Use this only once every 5 of your turns.

Passive Abilities: evidence of exactly that: Pick any word at the beginning of the game. If any enemy player utters said word, that player gives 3 of their Hp to binaryecho.

no shows. no downloads. no discs.: Any player who talks about any shows, downloads, or discs during this game is hurt by 4 damage so long as you call them out. You cannot deal multiple instances of damage if they are still talking about the same show, download, or disc.

The Lord binaryecho rose from his slumber to great discontent. He heard the call of the knerdd Kore mages and knew this was the time for him to take up arms once again. The dark lord M'sea Krisia, made his shocking and deceitful move against the people of Loyalia in the province of Thancful. Lord binaryecho could not stand for this, and denounced Krisia's fuckery to the entire world. M'sea Krisia's power still holds to this day some say, but his reputation is to be forever tarnished.