Hp: 6 each

Str: 13, 10, 15
Vit: 15, 13, 10
Int: 13, 15, 10
Dex: 15, 10, 13

Special abilities: Super Reddit Tri-gun Beam Explosion Attack Power Wave: All three characters must be alive in order to use this ability. Super Reddit Tri-Gun Beam Explosion Attack Power Wave deals 15 damage to any one player. If that player were to die from this, they instead revert to 1 Hp. Use this only once per game. All of you must each also say "Super Reddit Tri-Gun Beam Explosion Attack Power Wave" when you use this.

Life: If all three players are alive, you may use this to restore one of your fallen allies back from the grave with 6 Hp. In addition, all three of you players gain +3 Hp. If only two or less of you are alive, this ability only heals by +2 and does not revive anybody.

Economy Based on Reddit Karma: When you use Economy Based on Reddit Karma, two target players plus you must take turns going on reddit for 1 minute. Whoever can find a comment closest to 777 karma, that is less than 3 days old, wins 50 cents from each other player. They also gain +3 to Vit and Str for the next 4 turns. Use this only twice per game and do not repeat comments.

Passive Abilities: The odd couple: Big_Green_Piccolo, Krazen, and MonkeyWorldUK must all be present in real life to not suffer any penalties. If any of them is MIA, you may choose another player to be your third or second but that player starts off with -2 to all stats since they aren't Big_Green_Piccolo, Krazen, or MonkeyWorldUK. That's the point of this shit. If all three of them are together, they start out with an extra max Hp each.

wallpapper: All player's must say "papper" instead of "paper" or instantly lose the game in dead last place, no matter what. Since this would probably be a game like DnD in real life, it's feasible that someone might say paper. Damn, I just lost.

I want this to be top comment for how useless it is: If anyone posts something that becomes the top comment on reddit and with over 50 points while playing this game, Big_Green_Piccolo, Krazen, and MonkeyWorldUK all come back to life with max Hp.

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