Hp: 14

Str: 11
Vit: 11
Int: 14
Dex: 14

Special abilities: Amuse Myself: anothermoron must go on a computer and search up something he would laugh out loud at. The goal is for you to NOT force it in any way. You get 1 minute after sitting down at the computer. If you successfully amuse yourself, you gain +5 Hp and cannot be attacked for 3 turns. Use this only twice per game.

The only person: For the next 6 turns, every two turns the game shifts back to anothermoron's turn. Only use this once per game.

bass will DROP: anothermoron stands up and walks to the computer to put on a dubstep song where they say "drop the bass" or some variation of. You must fast forward until the song says this. After everyone hears 10 seconds of the bass dropping you must then go look up a picture of a fairly decent sized bass to show everyone. Once all players have heard the bass drop, and seen a image of a bass, everybody sits back down and you gain +4 to all stats for your next two turns. Use this only once per game.

Passive Abilities: Once again: Pick a player at the beginning of a game. Whenever this player uses the same ability as last turn again, they lose 2 Hp.

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