Makes_RPG_Stats Wiki

Type - A magical rugby player from the land of arzonia

Hp: 20

Str: 16 (+2)

Vit: 12

Int: 14

Dex: 13

Special abilities:

capture the magic: AZRugger uses his powerful anti-magic abilities to absorb enemy spells. When you use this, the last spell or ability used against AZRugger is now a permanent ability he may use. If you use capture the magic again, your previous ability always changes to the most recent enemy ability used against you.

lacks the magic: AZRugger uses his dispelling powers of LttP knowledge to silence his enemies. Pick a player. That player must either forfeit one ability of their choice for their next 2 turns, or be hurt by 3 Hp the next time they use the ability of your choice.

I forgot Metroid: Pick one of the three following effects. Only one effect may be active at any given time. Changing effects uses an action point.

Ice Beam: AZRugger's physical attacks are extended to a range:4 and slow the target's movement speed by 1 on their next turn. Movement speed reduction is stackable based on how many physical attacks you perform.

Wave Beam: AzRugger's physical attacks are extended to a range:4 and hurt all enemy players adjacent to the targeted square.

Plasma Beam: AzRugger's physical attacks are extended to a range:3 and deal an extra 2 damage. All damage is counted as fire. Each physical attack performed also causes a burn of 1 fire damage at the end of effected enemy's next turn.

Passive Abilities:

ALttP stands alone: AZRugger always chants his classic battle cry "ALttP. STAAANDS. ALONE!" before striking foes. This frightens enemies, causing the last player to be damaged by AZRugger to deal 2 less physical damage on their next turn per each physical attack performed.

Some may say I'm not a purist: AZRugger gains 1 life whenever he changes 2 things ability related. (Such as: gaining a new spell, making a spell unusable, changing his Beam, etc.)

Rugby man: AZRugger is powerful and boasts tremendous stats, at the cost of a magic vulnerability. He sometimes cannot silence the enemy and falls victim to spells. All spells deal an extra 1 damage per 2 damage dealt to AZRugger. As an upside, he gains +2 Str.

What sort of man uses a walking stick to duel me? Can't you see my abilities to catch projectiles are great? Your fireballs and lightning strikes will only bring me to my touchdown. Summons you say? Your shambling, weak army of skeletons will crack below my feet as I come crushing towards you. There is no escape now feeble wizard, what have you left? Conjures? Charms? You wish to slow my progress? Ha! When your hit points are in ashes, you have my permission to die.